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Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors: Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors by Redemption Plus possesses the widest development and operating experience in the family entertainment industry. We have conceived, developed, and operated family entertainment businesses in every size and budget, and integrated into many other businesses, as corporate executives and as entrepreneurs. The basis of our consulting approach is that we become teammates of our Clients with everything that entails: loyalty, dedication to the project, and strong advocacy of the client’s interests. We teach you our proven systems for operations so that you are successful going forward. Think of retaining Pinnacle as “success insurance.” We know our business, help you to save money on the front end and maximize sales going forward.

George McAuliffe

George McAuliffe
President of Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors
George McAuliffe is a 30 year family entertainment center operator and president of Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors by Redemption Plus. Pinnacle is an industry consulting firm founded in 1996. George has operated public space entertainment centers from 2,000 to 150,000 square feet including a wide variety of entertainment related businesses such as bowling centers, restaurants, tourist attractions, ice skating, rides, and laser tag, to name a few. He has operated redemption and merchandise games since 1983. Pinnacle serves as the Strategic Partner for Games and Family entertainment for Brunswick Bowling & Billiards. Pinnacle’s consulting practice has served new and established family and location based entertainment operators, with clients as diverse as Wal-Mart, Disney, ESPN Zone, Brunswick, and many independent owners and investor groups.

Prior to Pinnacle, he served as the chief executive of Edison Brothers Entertainment, which was the third largest chain of family entertainment centers in its time, managing over 8,000 games, rides, and attractions in three countries. He is a founding director, past president, and Lifetime Member of IALEI, the International Association of the Leisure and Entertainment Industries. George has been a featured speaker at numerous domestic industry conventions including IAAPA, Fun Expo, and AMOA, ATEI (UK), Gulf Leisure Expo (Middle East), and the Asia Pacific Attractions Conferences (Australia and Singapore). He writes regular columns for RePlay Magazine, International Bowling Industry and Tourist Attractions and Parks, and Blogs at and

Redemption Plus

Redemption PlusAllow me to introduce the real Redemption Plus. It's their mission to help customers win by relentlessly driving out waste & rework, and revealing impactful insights. You’re probably wondering “What the heck does that mean?” They mine data, including their observations, experiences – proprietary knowledge! – to discover hidden nuggets in the relatively worthless ore; insights that change the way our industry does business and empower customers to reach their loftiest goals. They focus on continuous improvement by eliminating waste & rework, thereby making them more nimble and efficient. They also utilize ethnography – the study of how people live - to better understand the inner workings of your business, discovering valuable ‘unspoken needs’ along the way. They enrich lives through insights that empower. Oh yeah - they sell toys, too.